"In recent years I've embarked on a new chapter in the development of my paintings. During a 5 year stint that ended in 2015, I resided in a semi-isolated mountain town adjacent to Sequoia National Park where I took time to focus on my understanding of art making as a whole—process, theory and technique. Thru this experience I allowed myself to delve into nurturing my own personal aesthetic which began my transformation into a full-time painter. What came from that Autodidactic process allowed me to develop an understanding of how to concisely speak in a visual language of self-expression by use of tone, texture and feeling conveyed within the mood of the paintings environment. My works are made up of abstracted elements that may be somewhat recognizable and are mostly a product of the natural environments I frequently spend time in."

b. 1971



2018   Circuit 12 Gallery, Dallas TX, (Feb)  "Truth is Stranger Than Fiction" Yesnik / Jaybo / Zio

2017   F-U For the Unconventional, Los Angeles CA, Sept 30th

           Kallenbach Gallery, Amsterdam NL, "Van Gogh Ate My Dog" - Duo show with Jaybo Monk

           New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles CA, "Momentary Bliss"

2015   FFDG Gallery, San Francisco CA, "The Modern Condition"

           Galerie Die Kunstagentin, Cologne Germany “Ashes to Ashes”

2014   Library Street Collective, Detroit MI “Cushion of Memory”

2013   The Trace Gallery, Zürich Switzerland “Casa Grande”

           FFDG Gallery, San Francisco CA, “Black White”

2012   Joshua Liner Gallery, New York NY, “Everything at Once”

           FFDG Gallery, San Francisco CA, “Lost for Words”

2010   Joshua Liner Gallery, New York NY “New Works”

2008  ALICE Gallery, Brussels Belgium “•You Are Here”

2007  BLK/MRKT Gallery, Los Angeles CA “Sure, Why Not”

2006  ALICE Gallery, Brussels Belgium “Enviromentalistic II”

2005  Boon Gallery, Salem MA, “Enviromentalistic I”

2003  Basil Hayward Gallery at Powell's Books, Portland OR

           BLK/MRKT Gallery, Los Angeles CA “80% Post-Consumer Grade"

2001   Magda Danysz Gallery, Paris France, “Message From The Soul"

1999   ARO.SPACE Gallery, Curated by Alex Calderwood, Seattle WA “New Works"



2007    Semi-Permanent, Sydney Australia – Design conference lecture

2005    Montserrat College of Art, Beverly MA – Lecture and studio visit

             Art Center, Pasadena CA – Lecture and studio visit

             UCLA Design class, Los Angeles CA – Lecture and studio visit

2004    AIGA, Los Angeles CA – Lecture and studio visit

2003    Alte Chemie, Munich Germany – Lecture & artist workshop

2001    University of Florida, Gainesville FL – Ligature design conference

1994    Art Institute of Atlanta, Atlanta GA – Graduating class portfolio critique



The Dean Collection, New York NY

Takashi Murakami Collection, Tokyo Japan

Penny and Russell Fortune Collection, Indianapolis Indiana 

Morgan Spurlock Collection, Los Angeles CA

Spiritmuseum, Absolut Vodka permanent collection, Stockholm Sweden

Victoria and Albert Museum, London England

Mark Ecko Collection, New York NY