LUX Art Institute, Encinitas CA, January 12th - March 30th 2019

YESNIK explores duality and scale in his dynamic practice that includes paintings, sculpture, and murals. He represents societal fragmentation through the invention of figures made of vibrant colors and flat shapes, taking on dimensionality as they teeter in a delicate balance. Occupying vast landscapes, his paintings adapt a monumentality that is reflected in his large scale sculpture and murals. The sublime meets the surreal in YESNIK’s work where perceptions of flatness engage with depth and small clashes with the grand.


"For Better or Worse" hosted by: (F-U) For The Unconventional, Los Angeles, September 7th - 9th 2018


(F-U) For the Unconventional is pleased to present For Better or Worse, a two-person pop-up exhibition featuring new work from YESNIK and JAYBO. After travelling on separate but intertwining artistic journeys throughout their careers, immersed in 80s and 90s underground street culture and design, both artists have embarked on new paths in recent years, moving outside of their comfort zones and the stylistic origins that shaped their work up to this point. The exhibition’s title, For Better or Worse, reflects this decision, as each fearlessly embraces new aesthetic territory, without regrets or second-guessing.


"Subliminal Sanctuary" Jules Maeght Gallery, San Francisco, February 8th - April 28th 2018

YESNIK and Cécile Granier de Cassagnac

Jules Maeght Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition Subliminal Sanctuary, an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Cécile Granier de Cassagnac and YESNIK. Presenting their work together for the first time, they enter into a dialogue about the relationships between art, humanity and nature while guided by intuition and spontaneity.

Both the French painter Cécile Granier de Cassagnac and the American painter YESNIK take a contemporary approach to painting outdoor environments. Building on the landscape painting of the Surrealist painters of the 1930s, they paint the perception of landscape, birds and trees, rather than seeking to “recreate reality” with recognizable elements. Using a combination of natural and non-natural tones, and oftentimes experimental applications of paint and surface, Granier de Cassagnac and YESNIK explore their own emotional understanding of the natural world around them through repetition of distinct motifs.


"MOJAVE" hosted by: (F-U) For The Unconventional, Los Angeles, September 30th 2017

Somewhere between isomorphic spaces and harsh limitations lies a landscape of open possibilities. Defined by endless mountain ranges and xeric, hostile conditions the Mojave desert provokes a force of new abstract ideas and imagined realities in an exclusive new body of work by YESNIK.

Wheeling through off-roads in an effort to document and comprehend these realities it was clear that these ideas were multi-layered and a self-expression of the inner place inspired by the open spaces in the natural world. "It's not an attempt to recreate reality, but rather distort and manipulate my experience. I like to visually convey the world in ways that challenge our perception of it." Having strayed from the figurative forms and elements that defined his past works, YESNIK’s style of paintings began to lend itself to three-dimensional form. “With this series, I’m pulling from the shapes and totem-esque nature of the plants and rock formations I was drawn to during my time in Mojave. When I began to create the sculptures, I freestyled the shapes with the jigsaw which I felt was akin to how the plants, rocks and desert settings seem as if they were placed and created in an almost effortless way — I always feel nature is so perfect in its spontaneous formation, seeming as if it was in fact planned.” So began his exploration into sculpture and the continued evolution of his abstract work.


"Van Gogh Ate My Dog" Kallenbach Gallery, Amsterdam, June 29th - September 30th 2017

YESNIK and Jaybo Monk

After a recent sold-out solo show in LA, Jaybo Monk is returning to Amsterdam for his third exhibition here. This time in a unique duo show with renowned American artist YESNIK. For their exhibition in The Netherlands they decided to take inspiration from the life and work of Vincent van Gogh. One example of the Dutch Master’s infamous trials and tribulations and his posthumous fame is Jaybo Monk’s sculpture ‘Pile of Insanity’; consisting of 40 ceramic ears. Each of the ears is labeled with the name of artists that became famous after Van Gogh’s death. YESNIK’s paintings and works on paper in the show reference Van Gogh’s distinctive subject matter, but all encompass the true and unmistakable surrealist landscapes the LA artist has become famous for.


"Momentary Bliss" New Image Art, Los Angeles, January 14th - February 11th 2017

New Image Art is pleased to present “Momentary Bliss" a solo exhibition featuring Los Angeles based painter YESNIK. YESNIK will be exhibiting a series of new paintings in his noted abstract style alternating between form and loaded paint-filled strokes affirming his ability to create expressionistic forms of tonality, texture, and emotion. YESNIK's work is reminiscent of the Dada/Surrealist approach of Max Ernst, using a subdued palette and abstract forms to communicate feelings of discovery and revelation. After residing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and recently relocating back to a downtown Los Angeles studio, YESNIK brings forth a new series of evocative pieces that reflect the frantic nature of his personal experience and the chaotic existence of man and nature coexisting and competing in the contemporary world.


"The Modern Condition" FFDG, San Francisco CA, August 14th - September 12th, 2015

These latest works are a continuation of where Kinsey left off with his last show CUSION OF MEMORY at the famed Library Street Collective in Detroit. He is currently taking cues from the natural world when it comes to the overall aesthetic of these sculpturesque paintings, set within dreamlike landscapes using detailed yet suggestive imagery, tones and textures. These works are imbued with semi-abstracted figures and objects that become metaphors or symbols that ambiguously reference contemporary issues such as overpopulation, money, power, climate change, consumerism and the everyday dynamics of contemporary life.

YESNIK says, “The most difficult thing about creating a painting is going through the process of finding a connection in what I see and feel in the world around me, while also seeking a visual harmony between the beauty and chaos of the human experience.” This body of work encapsulates that balance and provides a diverse and energetic aesthetic of that environment.


"Ashes to Ashes" Galerie Die Kunstagentin, Cologne Germany, February 6th - March 3rd, 2015


"Cushion of Memory" Library Street Collective, Detroit MI, September 27th - November 8th 2014

Library Street Collective is very proud to announce CUSHION OF MEMORY, a solo exhibition of works by renowned artist YESNIK aka Dave Kinsey. There are few artists whose work can evolve into something so different than their earlier work and make it look like graceful maturation. A master of self exploration who generously shares his soulful journey with us, YESNIK taps into not only his, but our own wildest fantasies. this body of work represents an awakening of sorts, with a new creative center deep in the Sierra Nevada mountains it's hard not to see natures bountiful inspiration reflected in YESNIK’s dreamlike compositions.